Here are some books, links to websites, and industry leaders that can talk to you more about managed grazing, holistic management, regenerative agriculture (there's lots of ways to describe what we do, but regenerative agriculture is our favorite ;)


Soil Carbon Cowboys

Gabe Brown and Allan Williams are featured in this and worth learning from.


Alberta Ranchers

This is a great video series about Alberta ranchers. Here’s one video but I think there’s 40 in all:


Savory TED talk

I’d be remiss not to mention Allan Savory and the Holistic Management International program. Allan has done more to promote mob grazing and using cows to restore ecosystems than anyone else.


Grass Fed Cattle

by Julius Reuchel

The best book on grass feeding cattle, cattle management and grazing. I’ve read 15 books on grazing/cattle/regenerative ranching and I always come back to this one.


The Art and Science of Grazing

by Sarah Flack

The best book on grazing.

Names worth knowing

Greg Judy

Grazier in Missourri, masterful at getting cows to do the ‘work’


Joel Salatin

Farmer/Rancher in Virginia, most famous farmer in America, pioneering in regenerative systems


Gabe Brown

Farmer/Rancher in North Dakota, cover crop expert


Kit Pharo

Cattle breeder in Colorado, is all about low inputs, highly efficient cattle, culls ruthlessly

Some common denominators:

  • You want cows that are hardy, adapted to their ecosystem, small framed and easy fleshing. Don’t get caught up in particular breeds (though certain breeds are better adapted to different areas), focus on the individuals and culling ruthlessly.
  • Grow good soil and everything else will take care of itself
  • You can’t grow good soil without good grazing management
  • There are no silver bullets