Order Beef

We sell all of our animals by the 1/4, 1/2 and whole animal (We can make a recommendation based on how much meat you want, starting at 75 lbs, which is about 2 cubic feet),

  • We price by the  'hanging weight(prices exclude the butcher fee, which per USDA regulations you must pay directly to the butcher)

  • You pick a portion and we will arrange the harvest of your animal.

  • You pick up the meat at the butcher in Coeur d'Alene or Cataldo.

  • We accept personal checks, paypal, venmo and square. 

How we Price

Hanging Weight

You pay by the 'hanging weight', which is the weight of the animal after removal of hide, guts, head and feet. There is generally a 35-40% reduction in weight from the live animal to the hanging weight, and then another 35-40% reduction in weight from the hanging weight to the package weight from shrinkage as the carcass hangs and moisture evaporates

 *a lot of grocery store beef is injected with a water and salt mixture to inflate the weight, but this hurts flavor and causes spoilage.



  1. Place a deposit on the portion you want
    ex. $200 for a quarter

  2. We will let you know when your animal will be harvested
    ex. September 20th

  3. Pay in full for your harvested animal
    within a week of the harvest date

  4. Give the butcher your 'cut list'. See options on our butcher's website: www.mountainviewcustommeats.com/beefcutlist/
    within 7 days of the animal being harvested

  5. Pay the butcher and pick up your meat
    10-14 days after harvest




*Pricing excludes the butcher fee, which you will pay directly and averages about $1/lb



1/4 beef

$200 deposit

$5.95/lb (package weight)
or $3.95/lb (hanging weight)

1/2 beef

$300 deposit

$5.75/lb (package weight) Or $3.85/lb (Hanging weight)

Whole Beef

$500 deposit

$5.50/lb (package weight) or $3.75/lb (hanging weight)