CDA River Beef

Grass finished beef from the COEUR D'ALENE RIVER VALLEY

Good Grass.
Good Beef.


Our Practices

Delicious beef that is healthy for the environment and for you.


Grass fed and finished on Coeur D'Alene River Valley Pasture.We never feed grain.
No Antibiotics, Growth Hormones or synthetics in our Animals or on our pasture.
Humanely raised and harvested.
Loaded with Omega 3s and Beta Carotene.

Order Beef

Our beef is seasonal

We sell beef by the share, meaning you can buy anywhere from 8% to 100% of an animal (between 30 lbs and 350lbs of wrapped beef). We only harvest July through November when animals have had at least 90 days on green, growing grass to ensure the maximum nutrient value of our meat. We coordinate harvest with the butcher and you pick up cut and wrapped meat either at the butcher in CDA or at our ranch. 


the people

About Us


We love working with animals and grasslands. Regenerative agriculture is our passion and we strive to share a world that is healthy for all creatures to live in. Come visit us and enjoy the natural beauty we are surrounded by and work to protect. 




Castle Rock Ranch


The base of our operations is at Castle Rock Ranch, which is located on Old River Rd above Kingston Idaho. We also run a summer camp for girls age 9-14 and host weddings. We love visitors but please let us know ahead of time when you plan to come.


Our goal is to provide you with the best tasting, healthiest beef you have ever eaten while protecting and improving the environment you love.

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